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Customer Reviews

Below is a small selection of the feedback we have received from dog owners that have or are using the training collars.
Best training device ever. We consider ourselves to be competent dog trainers, having had several dogs. Imagine our dismay when our 15month sprocker decided that recall just wasn't for him - he didn't run away but neither did he come back and we entertained the neighbours for hours on end trying to cajole this dog into coming home! I spoke to yourselves and after a good chat to determine the correct model for our circumstances chose the DogTrace - 600m Trainer , a considerable purchase, I confess to also being rather cynical and thought this will never work. After a week of wearing the collar on and off without using it. We set down to serious training at first using a long lead - the breed being highly intelligent soon understood what happened if he didn't respond. Next was letting him run free, I think we only used the shock three times before he realised that if he came, walked, whatever the command given there was a reward not a surprise! We had even tried this on ourselves before the dog so that we could understand what he was feeling. Many, many thanks for this wonderful product - nobody believes that this is the same dog who now walks by our sides without a lead on!!!
Very helpful and informative when I telephoned for advice before purchasing a collar. I received the collar within a few days of placing the order and haven't looked back since! After carefully following the training programme for using the collar, I can now let my energetic pointer off the lead with the confidence that I can get him back to me. Both dog and owner are now finally enjoying going for a walk together! DogTrace 250m
A new dog!! After rehoming an 18 MTV Doberman bitch described as a poppet, I soon discovered I had a totally out of hand reactive dog that had experienced no socialisation and had a prey drive through the roof. I spent a lot on a trainer whom I realised was out of her depth as I am very experienced with the breed, found another trainer for advice and socialising and then finally solved her issues with your sports dog system. I now have a calm responsive dobie I can hike miles with over moors with my other dobe, let run with other dogs and have total confidence in. Thanks . SportTrainer 1200m SD-1225E
I recently bought the SportDog Trainer 1 Mile-SD-1825E and want to thank you for a wonderful product that sorted out my dog Daisy's distraction problem. Daisy is a sixteen month old English Setter who is very sociable. She knows her recall but if she spots another dog she is off and better still are joggers and cyclists with their dogs running after them. It's all about the fun of the chase! I can call and use the whistle but she just switches off. Our walks caused me a great deal of stress as I lost her so many times and spent hours trying to find her. It took just three days to sort out her problem and only ever using the vibration button on a low setting-3- to have a dog who comes when called in distraction situations. It has completely transformed our walks as I no longer have to take her out at the crack of dawn to avoid other dog walkers. Now she has all of the freedom and interaction with other dogs she wants but I know she will follow me when called. I do think your collars should be marketed in a more positive way as I have since met many people who have dogs with similar problems and will only lead walk them as a result. When I mention a correction collar most react in horror. They are without doubt an essential aid when everything else fails but people need to know how effective they are and that they are not hurting their dogs but giving them the gift of freedom.
Hi, thank you for your follow up email.  The collar is working fine. For your information I bought it because my GSD has only one fault, (100% is never attainable but 99% is very acceptable and we must allow him that).  We have taken advice from just about everyone, vets, trainers, other owners etc., but we have been unable to get "the chase syndrome" out of our dog.  He just has to "go and see"!  We might just as well talk to the trees for any notice he takes of us when he runs off.  We know he literally can't hear us so it's not his fault. The collar has stopped him doing that and in time we hope we may not need the electric stimulation but will only have to use the bleep function to stop him.  We are very pleased with the collar and would certainly recommend it to anyone with a problem dog. It does not appear to do him any harm apart from the fact it gets his attention and he doesn't like it.  There are no lasting effects.  jc DogTrace 250m

I just wanted to say how thoroughly pleased and impressed I have been with the collar. Within two weeks I had the best behaved 15 month old working cocker spaniel ever. I can now walk with confidence and train with pleasure. I have another collar that feels and weighs the same so he is never too sure which one he has on. I is very rare that I need to use the second button and I have never used the third one. The sound one is enough to remind him especially when I lost him the other day and there he was half way across a large lake going after two swans. The whistle was too far away to hear but the sound in his ear made him turn so sharply he created his own wave in the lake and swam back as though his life depended on it. Thank you . x DogTrace 200m Mini

Hi British Dog
I am very happy with the DogTrace 500m Compact . We have a 5yr old Lurcher called Sam (Whippet/ Bedlington Terrier cross) he fitted that profile of knowing his commands but choosing to ignore them if it does not suit him. In the past 2yrs since we inherited Sam from my daughter he has gone chasing off across fields in pursuit of rabbits or birds or anything that offers him sport totally ignoring our calls & dog whistles. We have been left waiting for up to one & half hours until he decides to return shame faced & exhausted. Who knows where he has been & what he has been up to in that time? As a result he was spending most of his walks on an extending lead while our Border Terrier, Amy, walked with us off her lead and showing off to Sam.
We reluctantly decided to give the trainer a go. Our reluctance was that we heard people say these collars are unkind on dogs and we feared it would make an already nervous Sam even worse.
We have had the collar for a week know and we are absolutely delighted and amazed with the results. After the first couple of times of training with him on a training lead we felt confident enough to let him off his lead on a proper walk. At the end of this first week Sam is a transformed character who enjoys his walks off the lead with Amy. He comes galloping back for treat or fuss when called. We find that 99% of the time we are just using the audible recall button. 
He genuinely looks a happier more relaxed dog. I am sure he has a smile on his face. We are enjoying our walks with him as he has become a pleasure to take out rather than a nightmare.
Thanks for the DogTrace it certainly worked for us & Sam.
Mr D

I just wanted to say what a fantastic product the Sportdog 1200 is. Our German Shepherd bitch had developed the habit of charging up to other dogs in an aggressive manner and our young GSD dog was beginning to imitate her. It got to the stage where we were unwilling to let her off the lead for fear of what she might do and this was spoiling our enjoyment of our walks as well as ruining hers. After a couple of weeks of wearing the collar she has learned to ignore other dogs completely. Occasionally we might have to use the bleep facility to remind her that we still have control and she will come and inspect our hands to check we have the transmitter at the ready. However she has become much more respectful of our commands and much more affectionate. Our walks are now so relaxed and she has far greater freedom than ever before. Our young GSD also copies her and leaves other dogs alone. If the dogs wander off in the woods a quick bleep brings them back to us. The only occasion we have had to use the stimulation facility was when our GSD saw a horse and decided it would be fun to chase it – something that could have resulted in injury to both horse and dog. The Sportdog 1200 stopped our GSD in its tracks and it returned to us immediately with all thoughts of the horse vanished. The SportDog 1200 had been recommended to us by someone who had taken on a rescue GSD. This bitch had been rehomed several times as the owners could not control its aggression towards other dogs. The latest owner had bought the SportDog 1200 as a last resort and it completely transformed her dog. It enjoys its walks and feels free to wander but, as soon as it spots another dog, it returns to its owner immediately. Used correctly the SportDog 1200 is an outstanding device for removing aggression and giving complete control over your dog

Mr Chatfield

Firstly thank you very much for the quick delivery. Secondly, if you were anywhere near me I would come and give you a big kiss! What a wonderful gadget! Where have you been all this time! You know I fell out with my husband just before christmas because the dog had yet another accident while she was still recovering from a previous one. I have done everyhting in my power to have her trained, but she is the most stubborn dog I've ever heard of. We live in the country and there are rabbits everywhere and once she sees one she's off! She never comes back when she is called back, never.Our relationship had gone cold because she doesn't take any notice of me or anybody.In fact I thought this gadget was not going to work on her. We have spent a fortune taking her everywhere to be trained, dog trainers gave up and a year ago we went to dog classes and we were told never to come back because she was destructing other dogs. We had a specialist come up to our house for five days and we paid a fortune, and he never got anywhere with her. My husband was fed up and he asked me to get rid of her because we couldn't afford the vet bills anymore, and I came to a conclusion that she is going to spend the rest of her life on the lead, what a shame because we have big fields around us and there aren't any other dogs about. And lo and behold...this morning I felt as if I was was walking with a different dog! I used it for the first time on 2 setting, we walked two miles with her off the lead and I only used the audio button and she came back running to me!! She saw a rabbit and I called her and when she started taking off after the rabbit I used audio first and when she didn't respond and I pressed the upper button for two second and she came back running to me!!I couldn't believe it!Good Lord this is brilliant piece of work! Where have you been all this time! I nearly got rid of my beloved dog! I can't thank you enough. All those people who are saying negative things about Remote training collars don't know what they are talking about. Thank you ever so much!! Please , put this as a review if you like and I can be contacted anytime!!


You Tube video recently filmed by a very happy customer

This little dog has the most horrific past (beaten, starved, strangled, burnt with cigarettes) and he is still only 11 months old. We got him 3 months ago and have had to start from scratch with him and it his been very hard going. Another customer referred to the 'red mist' and that was exactly the same with Zak..once he was gone he was gone and it was a mixture of fear/aggression and not knowing what to do. The collar has simply served to break that cycle, gain his attention in an instant and improve his recall over night!
I liken it to kick ass clicker training!
We had gone through three behaviourists and were at our limit as to what to try. We live a very outdoors life and our other 5 dogs we've had from pups and they always learnt everything as babies.
With Zak we had to take into account the abuse, so any form of shouting or physical punishment was absolutely out of the question.
Every single thing about him was fraught...he still cannot be around unfamiliar people or dogs without being muzzled but we're off to see a specialist vet down in Plymouth soon.
I just wish I had videoed him prior to the collar being used. Just over a week ago he went for my daughter's pony simply because he snorted in the field! No he ignores cows/sheep/horses!
Just been for a 6 mile run with him off the lead and running to heel!
It's a shame these collars get such negative press because used in the right way as a positive training tool, they work wonders!
I wouldn't hesitate in recommending one of these collars (when all other avenues have been exhausted) and for Zak in particular, it's been a life saver! There is no way a dog like him could be rehomed to a 'normal' family environment as the mental damage is too great (hence why we agreed to take him..he went to a friend's charity)...he thrives on being busy and outside and now he can do that!

Dear British Dog,

The Sportdog 400 arrived promptly thankyou.

We have had a couple of different trainers and used different methods for behaviour. Initially rewards training, but the lure of playing with a dog is often greater than receiving a treat. We then used a spray collar. This caught our dog's attention but wasn't sufficient enough for recall. Living by the coast in breezy conditions meant that the spray often was blown away from the dog.

The Sportdog collar is a god send. If anyone is concerned about using an electric collar I liken it to using a tens machine when having a baby. Its exactly the same with increasing sensations! We had a training session on how to use the collar. We blow the whistle and if recall does not happen we zap him. Now I just have to raise the whistle and he comes. He is so much more responsive to commands when wearing the collar - less so when not wearing it.

Its a great product and has increased not only our quality of life but our dog has much more freedom now.



Just to let you know I am delighted with my purchase from British Dog. I purchased the Petsafe 350m training collar after talking to you and taking your recommendation.
Things had become so bad with my 18 month old border collie chasing vehicles that her life was in danger. The final straw came when she bolted and ran out behind the wheels of a reversing dust cart. I had tried absolutely everything with positive reinforcement, clicker training, taking her favourite toy with us on walks, distracting her with fresh chicken, dog treats etc. Nothing had worked - Once she saw a vehicle she took a dislike to, the 'red mist' descended in front of her eyes and she was off !
I hated the idea of putting an 'electric collar' on my dog but you assured my that they were safe, humane and so many people had been in my position and I knew that if I didn't take this step now she would be seriously injured or killed.
Within minutes of putting the collar on I couldn't believe the change in behavior. I took her over the field where she invariably spotted a car or truck to go after and sure enough within a few minutes a DHL van appeared and Ruby was 'locked on target'. As soon as her body language changed and I knew she was about to bolt I pressed the button on the remote. I only needed level one and she came straight back to me and sat by my legs. I was quite literally gob smacked !
I have had the collar now for several weeks and Ruby is a changed dog as far as behavior goes. Her recall is now faultless NO MATTER WHAT the distraction and to be honest I only occasionally need to use the beep on the collar for her to respond.
Thank you so much for recommending the product and quite literally saving my dogs life.

Pease feel free to use all or part of this email in any of your testimonials on your site, I cant thank you enough.

Best regards

Mark (& Ruby)

Hi there, Just to let you know that after two weeks of using the new petsafe electric collar in conjunction with the 210 1/2 whistle my previously uncontrollable world disobedience champion miniature schnauzer who is about a year and a half old is now a pleasure to take out. He has gone from having a total mind of his own to returning to me as soon as he hears the whistle. Even when playing with other dogs he comes back and walks to heel. On the odd occasion when he does not return on the first whistle a simple "beep" on the collar is enough to get his full attention. In all I think I have had to "shock" him 3 times and even then the collar was only set to no.2 and although he did not even yelp the experience did the trick. My dog is very rarely on the lead now and since i live in the country this is a great bonus. I do not even have to worry about him chasing livestock. Thanks again for a wonderful product and i would highly recommend it to anyone who is having trouble training their dog, Mr Crosbie.

I have recently purchased a Petsafe large dog trainer I am have to tell you that it has passed all my expectations. My dog was fine on the lead but when let off she would only come back when she wanted to, no matter how I tried she would not let me put her on the lead. Having taken her for walks for three days with the training collar, with out using the remote, I decieded last Friday to try her off the lead, at first she was up to her old tricks, but very soon she was comming when called and has been no problem to get back on the lead. She responds to the audio sound most times, and I only have to use the stimulation button at rare times mainly when something like another dog, rabbit or water gets her attention. It has taken me many months of heartbreak before finialy ordering the collar, I must admit the cost put me off, but now wish I had taken the plunge several months ago. I have recommened the collar to several other dog owners who have seen the change in Molly, I only hope it lasts!!!! Many thanks again K Plummer

Thank you for the Pet safe 400m trainer. It has made a tremendous difference to Alfie, a rather headstrong Springer Spaniel. I took your advice about him wearing the collar for a few days before using it and he actually is happy to have it put on as I don’t think he connects it with the pulse he receives. (obviously not as bright as I thought he was!)



Just to let you know I am extremely pleased with my Petsafe 400 remote training device. It was an ex-hire unit I've only used it twice so far and the results are remarkable - Milly is a different dog and is curbing her urge to run off as quickly as possible into the far distance only to return when she's ready. I know its early days yet and we still have some way to go, but so far I am very pleased with my investment. Thank you. Regards D Crabbe

Yes thank you,my order arrived very quickly.The collar was a replacement for one which was lost earlier this year, and is put to good use on every walk that we go. It has only been used once with the stimulus, as my dog knows to come back immediately by just using the sound. I think that we may have lost our dog by now if we had not had the collar,as she can cover a great deal of distance in a very short length of time. Verdict --invaluable. J Pringle

Yes, thank you! I received my order promptly & in good condition.

I am currently following the training program with my rescue Sprocker, a total wild child! Up until the age of one year, when I rescued him, he was left to run free in 5acres of ground & had never been on a lead & didn’t even own a collar or tag. I’ve had him for nearly 2 years now & have seen a huge improvement in his obedience & social skills with people & other dogs. However, I have not been able to allow him off lead in an open space because he just runs as far as the eye can see. Eventually he returns but I don’t want him to be in danger, or to cause any trouble with livestock etc. Your collar is my last resort, apart from sending him away to an expensive dog-training program.

It’s very important that he understands his space boundaries & coming back when called, as I am training him for agility. He is coming along brilliantly in his class that is held in a secure arena, so his momentary wall of death outruns are not a major issue. I am planning to get him out to competition next year & he will be awesome, as he is extremely fast! I just need to get that extra bond & response from him when off lead, otherwise he will only be able to compete in contained arenas which are few & far between.

I am encouraged by my initial experience with your e-collar, despite my original aversion to such a training tool. I am now seeing the benefit of their proper use. Of course, I did test it on myself first, before putting it on Rolo just to make sure I was happy that it was not a nasty experience for him. He has not shown any signs of fear, or concern while wearing the collar

J Weatherly

Thanks for your email. I am very happy with the new training collar and transmitter, which are well designed, easy to use and robust. Despite my initial reservations – this was very much a last resort move on my part to train a rehomed Labrador! – I am confident that it does not cause any discomfort or distress. Results thus far are promising and I am confident that this will enable me to overcome the behavioural problems. I particularly liked the fact that you offer the hire to buy service, but can say already that I have no intention of returning this one!


Gwyn T


I just wanted to say how delighted I am with the deluxe anti barking collar we bought from you on recommendation of a dog behaviourist.

Basically it has given us our life back!!! We couldn’t go out and leave our dog unattended before as his constant barking was causing problems with our neighbour. We were not all able to leave the house, as we would come home to complaints!

He only wears it when we need him not to bark, so periodically.

Thanks very much! J

I have nothing but praise for this collar and the company.

The support given, when I first bought the collar, was excellent with clear and comprehensive instructions and quick response to email queries.

After 18 months I had cause to return the collar for repair and their service was prompt, professional and courteous.

They couldn’t have looked after me better.

And the effectiveness of the collar? It worked like a dream and our terrier was able to enjoy free-range walks because we were confident she would respond to a recall.

Excellent product.

S Hursell

Hi, thanks for the good service, the training collar has changed our lives with our dog, he was running off and generally being hard work when out of the house and off the lead, I could not believe how fast we had him trained on it, we only had to enforce a low shock twice before he realised what was going on, he now comes when called and even sits at a distnace when we call to him.
I can honestly say this collar has probably saved his life, he is only a small terrier so when he runs off into the road it would only take a slight hit from a car to kill him or even a kick from a horse as we live near farm land. We were reluctant to buy the collar but it has been amazing and worth every penny so thank you !

M Rose

It arrived safely and I am delighted to tell you that it completely solved the sheep chasing problem in two days. I am not being complacent, and she is still wearing it when we go out, but comes back immediently when called without having to use the pulse or even the beep. Before she she just ignored me. I live in the middle of sheep country, and this new young dog had even managed to get my old well behaved dog chasing sheep for the first time in her life. It has been marvellous, and even though it was expensive, well worth it for the peace of mind. She also seems much happier generally and more fond of me, as if she is relieved that I am top dog now!

Hilary Matthews
SportDog 700m - SD-825E

Just to say thank you, the order did arrive and has made a huge difference.

My dog, which I got at 13 months old, is very good 90% of the time but then goes after a rabbit, or whatever, and have lost him four times for over half an hour and up to an hour, which has seemed like a lifetime.

Have used a line, but that in itself has been problematic as get stepped on by walkers, dogs, etc. etc. Therefore our walks have consisted of him not having the freedom to run which he loves.

I did think hard and long whether to get a collar as there is so much debate but decided that if I did not get the collar he would either spend the rest of his life (and he is only two) either on a flexi or I could end up with a dead dog as he would run off one time too many.

He now has a better quality walk and so do I.

Thanks again

L Stangle

DogTrace 250m

We received the order and it is amazing how much difference it has made to all of us. its now a pleasure to walk the dog. both for us and him...........and hes getting plenty of exercise now which makes a huge difference to him.................. i wish i had given in and bought it months ago............


DogTrace 250m

Yes thankyou so much for the prompt delivery of the training collar it has saved our beloved English Bull Terrier from being sent back to the breeder as untrainable he is a different dog within a week we can actually let him off the lead for the runs he deserves, thanks once again I will highly recommend your company to others

John R
DogTrace - 600m Trainer

Thank you, yes we received it with no problem and within an hour we had a different dog! Cannot explain how excellent the collar has been, we have a Dobermann that knew all the commands but would not adhere to them unless he felt like it...Rewards didn't work as he is far from a greedy animal and his constant barking and headbutting was a nightmare. Both he and I are far happier animals now. In fact he is a pleasure to have which is the first time I have said that in the year we have owned him...

Thanks again...

SportDog 1 Mile - SD-1825E

I received my purchase promptly and i am very pleased with it. In fact, i have already recomended it to a friend who is going to purchase it from your website. thank you for excellent service and an excellent product!
DogTrace Static Anti Bark Collar


The collar arrived very promptly. Although I have always been averse to collars, this was my last option for this dog. I have had many dogs, normally two or three at a time and have never had any problems. However, this little dog is my worse case scenario (probably border terrier/whippet cross). I live in the country and she takes herself off hunting, no more what I do. She is in trouble with the local farmer and has recently killed a pet guinea pig!

So far ( I am not speaking too soon) the collar is working but I still dare not take my eyes off her, because once she is gone - she's gone!

Many thanks for the prompt delivery.

DogTrace 900m Mini/Compact

All received in order thanks. What a wonderful collar! It works a treat and I've now got her to come to the audible button, but use the upper button for bigger distractions - but we're working on it! It's transformed me and my dog. I have a few acres, but when she got bored instead of staying with me she would run off to the farmer next door! She's now getting the idea that she should stay in our place. She's such a sweet dog without a bad bone in her body so I'm so pleased we're getting somewhere! If you need recommendations, then contact me. Thanks awfully, Jen M SportDog 450m

To British Dog
Thanks for the collar arrived safely and is totally AMAZING...I have a working cocker spaniel who would not come back when called ...he is already 100% reliable now and I only use the bleep !!! ...its miraculous ..........I believe my neighbours have now ordered one from you
Thanks again
Regards Alyson M
DogTrace Easy Mini/Compact


Yes order received and in good order, within a few days I had a different dog, he is now a pleasure to take out, and without me yelling at him all the time a much happier dog. I hardly ever use the zapper now, he responds to me or the bleep, I am extremely pleased with the result. Best £100 I have spent in a long time. DogTrace 250m


British Dog
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